Matt’s Story

Matt Bellina is a 32-year-old resident of Holland, PA. He is married to his wife, Caitlin and the father of two young boys, JP and Kip. On April 9, 2014, Matt was diagnosed with ALS. A former Navy jet pilot, Matt and his wife Caitlin decided to move their family back to the East Coast to be closer to family. They knew they were going to need support in order to fight this disease. Matt has tried all manner of treatments available to him. While trying every avenue possible Matt has managed to ease some of his symptoms but nothing has stopped the progression of ALS in him. There is no drug on the market that can stop the progression of ALS. When walking with is older son, JP, one day, Matt and JP ran across some dandelions. JP picked one. Matt told him to blow on it and make a wish. After making his wish, JP looked at his dad and said, “I wished that you could run and play football with me when I grow up.” Matt asks you to please sign and support The Right to Try Act (H.R. 3012), The RESULT Act (S. 2388) and The REGROW Act (S. 2689, H.R. 4762). He begs you to help make his son’s wish come true. Without access to “experimental” treatments Matt and JP will never get the hope to play that game of football.

“There are states in this country where I could go legally end my life, but I am not allowed to go try a drug that I believe could save my life.”