My Right To Try Now

My Right to Try Now was created as an arm of the NAC Have A Heart Foundation  in order to accomplish advocacy on behalf of legislation that would support the rights of all terminally ill patients in America.  The name of the outreach is “My Right To Try” in honor of the My Right to Try l;egislation which is being advanced across the country at both the state and the federal level.

The NAC Have a Heart Foundation was founded by Jim Worthington, owner of the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC).  His vision was to create a charitable arm of the NAC that would serve the community both locally and nationally. After giving significant contributions to the community (valuing over $1 million dollars annually) for over 20 years, he felt that he wanted to gather all of these altruistic activities under one organization and the Have a Heart Foundation was born.

While the foundation supports many causes, including raising funds for ALS research to find a cure for this horrific disease and supporting advocacy work for the Right to Try bill in both Pennsylvania and in Washington,DC.  This bill would serve to allow all terminally ill patients in America (over 30 million) to access experimental drugs and treatments after they pass Phase 1 FDA trials, but before the have to take 8 – 15 years and 2 billion dollars to be approved.