TELL HER TO PUBLICLY SUPPORT RTT LEGISLATION. When many of you called Sen Murray’s office leading up to the UC Vote, you were told Sen Murray supported RTT. If SEN MURRAY supports RTT, she should show leadership and announce her public support for RTT.


Since the Senate RTT Bill’s Announcement May 10, 2016 (of which NAC Have a Heart Foundation members Matt Bellina and Frank Mongiello spoke at), the NAC Have a Heart Foundation (My Right To Try Now Initiative) has worked tirelessly to try to help get this bill passed:
1. June 16 My Right To Try Now Rally: Sen Johnson was the MC, all Members of Congress were invited to learn about the bill. Patients attended the Rally from all across the country, and the Rally received National Press attention.
2. Members of the Have a Heart Foundation and patients and their families from all across America met with numerous Senate and Congressional offices following the June 16th Rally as well as June 17.
3. Those meetings in June included: Sen Alexander and Sen Murray’s HELP Committee staff. During those meetings we asked the HELP Committee staff to hold a RTT hearing, move the RTT Bill or incorporate it into a larger bill like a Terminally Ill Patients Bill of Rights. We followed up – the Staff’sexcuses were: they were working on it, and there wasn’t much time left due to the election.
4. NAC Have a Heart Team Members also met with SEN REID’s staff in June to brief them about RTT and asked for the Senators support with moving the bill. The Staff’s response was they would look at the bill and talk with the HELP Committee staff aka: Sen Murray’s staff.
5. In addition, the meetings with Sen Alexander and Murray, NAC Have a Heart Team Members also met with other Senators in June on the HELP Committee including: Sen Enzi (a co-sponsor of RTT), Sen Elizabeth Warren, Sen Burr, Sen Mikulski, Sen Bennett, Sen Casey (in person), Sen Murkowski (a co-sponsor), Sen Kirk (a co-sponsor), Sen Hatch and Sen Whitehouse.

As you can see, the HELP Committee was fully briefed about RTT and had full knowledge of the bill and the time to vet any issues. Their non-action could be considered malfeasance on their part and a cover story by Sen Reid for not having a hearing and blocking the bill.