930 AM: Sen Casey’s Office 393 RUSSELL Senate Office Bldg (SOB)

Health Staffer Doug Hartman for REGROW, RESULTS and Right to Try support.

-Discuss Sen Casey’s positon on bills
-Whether he would support and reasons why he should
-Discuss Senate Right to Try announcement.

1030 AM: Sen Johnson Press Conference in 340 DIRKSEN SOB for Senate Right to Try bill announcement with Goldwater Institute

-Matt remarks (2-3 mins) with Frank.

*11:00: Sen Murkowski meeting in 709 HART SOB (HELP Committee Majority)

-Discuss support for all three bills

1 PM: Meeting in 2400 RAYBURN House Office Building (HOB) with ALS CEO Barb Newhouse (Rep Fitzpatrick’s office)

-Team discuss with ALS Association where they are and what they will support and why they should be involved with all of these bills.

2 PM: House Staff brief in 2456 RAYBURN HOB for House Right to Try Bill with Goldwater Institute.

-Briefing will be attended by various House Staff
-Frank and Matt remarks about Right to Try bill and why it should be enacted into law.

*3 PM: REGROW Press Event in 216 HART SOB with Sen Mark Kirk and Sen Joe Manchin (sponsors) with (Frank, Marilyn, Caitlin and Don)

-Frank’s remarks for 2-3 mins with Marilyn, Caitlin -Matt to join Press Conference if back from Sen Toomey meeting in time

*3 PM: Sen Toomey meeting in 248 RUSSELL SOB for REGROW and RESULTS discussion (Matt, Jim, Valerie and Linda)

-Matt discuss with Sen Toomey where he is with bills and why he should be on board from Alzheimer’s perspective and less government.

4:30 PM: Sen Alexander’s Office (Chair of HELP Committee) in 455 DIRKSEN SOB with Curtis Vann and Kathryn Bell for REGROW and RESULTS Support.

-Team discusses with Chair’s staff why the Chair Should support these bills, get them into the Committee for a mark-up and ask about a possible hearing featuring our ALS Warriors.

Note: *Still awaiting confirmation of 11A Sen Murkowski meeting*